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Kit Contents

Each kit is packaged in a quality tab-lock literature mailer. In each kit are a digital lab manual in Word format on a flash drive, most of the materials needed for each hands-on lab, and hard copies of several documents including a packing list. On the flash drive, each lab activity is located in its own folder. Inside each folder is a pre-lab video, a Directions document, and a Lab Report document which students will complete and submit to their instructor through their course’s Learning Management System for grading.

The Kits

Physical Science Survey 1
Physical Science Survery 1 Open Box.jpg
Principles of Chemistry 1
CHE1311 Open.jpg
Kit Descriptions

Our lab kits are designed for college online physical science survey lab classes (topics of physics, chemistry, astronomy, atmospheric science and geology) for non-science majors and for college online introductory chemistry lab classes. Our focus is on providing quality hands-on lab activities to online students for college course credit in online introductory level science lab classes. The lab activities were all written by Lou Anne Williams starting in 1998, using her experience teaching on-campus college lab classes and also her high school teaching experience. The focus was on providing economical, safe at-home lab activities for her students that were similar to those in the on-campus lab classes. Some lab activities were also developed for clarification of concepts often found to be difficult for students. There are also some activities that require the internet.

Our present kits were developed for Mississippi community college courses of PHY 2241 - Physical Science Survey I Lab covering physics and astronomy; PHY 2251 - Physical Science Survey II Lab covering chemistry atmospheric science and geology; and CHE 1311 - Principles of Chemistry I Lab, which is an introductory chemistry course. Our team will design a custom kit for your organization to correlate with the objectives for your particular course in these areas. With the lab activities that we already have developed, we can easily design a kit for an online non-science majors physics lab class as well. If there are other topics that you want to include in your online lab course, let us know.

Future plans include the possibility of developing hands-on lab activities for college online general biology lab classes and also for home-school science courses and STEM organizations. If interested, please contact us about this as these secondary school activities will be different from the college lab activities.

Elementary physics and astronomy for non science major physical science majors.

Physical Science Survey 2 Coming Soon!

Basic chemistry course required for some technical degrees and as a review for general chemistry.

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